WORKOUT #1 (Lazy Saturday)

10 09 2011

So this is called Workout #1 for reference purposes – it’s not actually my first work out (i’m pretty noob, but come on.) I started about 3 months ago.

I try to get  to the gym (fitness plus manukau!) for a work out 5 days a week. Try.

Tuesday-Saturday mornings. During the week, any time between 6am and 8am because I have work at like 10, in town.

Anyway, so I’ve been mixing and matching up exercise routines…I haven’t quite found one that I want to use consistently. Still exploring. I have general ideas though.

I JUST BOUGHT A NEW BELT! Which is exciting. Squats have been smashing my lower back. My friend Josiah advised me that I invest in a belt for lower back support. It was pretty good. Thanks dude.

Anyway I’ll quickly run you through this morning’s routine. Today it was a bit of dual muscle group thing. NB, I don’t know the names of some of the machines so I will bluff some of them lol.

SQUATS: 110kg, 10 reps, 3 sets.

TRICEP DUMBBELL EXTENSIONS: 10kg, 10 reps (cross body) followed by 10 reps (hammer head), each arm, 3 sets

TRICEP BENCH DIPS: 20kg plate on lap, 20 reps, 3 sets.

45 DEGREE LEG PRESS (CALF EXTENIONS): 6 plates, 10 reps, 2 sets. 7 plates, 10 reps, 2 sets.

TRICEP PULLDOWNS: 40IBs, 8 reps, 1 set. 50IBs, 8 reps, 2 sets. 60IBs, 8 reps, 2 sets.

CROSS TRAINER: “random hill” setting, 5 mins.

Yeah I know 5 mins is kinda average. More like pretty pathetic. But I wasn’t feelin it today. I will do more next time! I usually do.


Anyway, for breakfast I had a protein shake w/water (I’m using a brand called Nutrex at the moment. It has a good blend of fast release proteins and slow release ones), and I made a nice little tuna-egg surprise thingymabob. Basically just 2 cans of tuna, 2 eggs, chilli sauce, moroccan seasoning and curry power in a frying pan, using the oil from the tuna cans. I had it with a piece of toast.

It tasted OK but the tuna kinda ruined the eggs for me. I won’t be doing that again. I like eggs.

I’ll probably have a wrap for lunch. Tryna do the whole low carb thing. I’ll see how I go the rest of today.

Basically if I have any advice at this point (for those with similar goals as me), try to maximize the protein in your diet and limit the carbs. If you’re gonna have carbs (bread, rice etc), try have them in the morning and arvo only. Carbs are mostly responsible for the extra luggage some of us carry.

Eat frequent meals too, about 6 small-medium sized ones a day, instead of 3 big ones. It’s the type of advice you’d find anywhere, really. It’s just really difficult to stick with it. But try get into a habit! It works. You’ll feel (not necessarily see) the difference very early on.




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