Why I don’t deadlift.

11 09 2011

I have nothing against it.

It just hurts my damn back

Maybe this is a form problem, but I’ve had people tell me that my form is correct. So I dunno.

Anyway, since I work out in the mornings, it just makes the rest of my day orders of magnitude more unpleasant than a normal work out would.

It’s sore.

And that folks, is why I don’t deadlift.





3 responses

11 09 2011
Tom Gillooly

You are using a weight belt, right? I was told anything over 100kg (maybe that number is particular to me because I’ve got a smaller frame), you should be using one.
Also, as far as form goes, I found that if I thought of a deadlift as straightening my back, it would invariably hurt in a way that didn’t feel right. What I focussed on when performing deadlifts was getting the bar to my knees and then driving my hips forward. The emphasis on what the hips are doing just seems to make the motion of your back fall naturally into place.
How do you “talk your body through” the movement?

12 09 2011

Hey man yeah I just recently invested in a weight belt for squats.

That’s cool advice about the hips though, I will try that. Up until I stopped I had just been doing it according to the advice one of the gym staff gave me.

Thanks dude

12 09 2011
Tom Gillooly

No worries man. As always, start light. I was deadlifting 80kg for nearly a month before I started putting weight on.
Form is totally crucial, especially with powerlifting exercises. I’ve heard of guys who refused to compromise on form and are now powerlifting in their sixties, without a single niggle or injury.

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