Starvation myth (BURN)

13 09 2011

If I eat less, I will lose weight.

But you will put it back on very fast.

This is very, very basic stuff which most of us know

But some don’t.

This is not how our bodies work. Our bodies are intelligent engines. They are able to, based on our eating habits, forecast the amount of energy they will need to go about their business. So when I starve myself,  my body says:

Right, so I’m not getting much input for energy. I must go into a mode where I can store as much as I can and keep it for later.

Yes, my body will stockpile the energy. Stored energy in this instance is fat. So what happens when I go back to my normal eating habits? My body, in this mode, will store what I eat, and I put all the fat back on again.

So what do I do?

Eat more.

If we can convince our bodies that it does not need to hold onto energy and is in fact more benefited by burning it off, we will lose weight, the right way.

But wait, how the heck do I eat more and not put on weight?

If you’re asking this question it probably means you are not eating the right things, the right way.

So how do you do it?

Here are 3 simple things to start you off. Again, these are the sorts of things that you will hear time and time again from gym trainers, nutritionists, fitness bloggers and dietitians. Keep in mind also that the subject of diet and nutrition is extensive and there are entire books written on each of these points. Nevertheless these simple things will assist you on your way.

1. Complex carbohydrates.

These are slow burning sources of high energy. So eating these frequently throughout the day will indicate to your body that it doesn’t need to hold on to energy – it has just enough of it to burn at all times. These, as opposed to fast burning sources of energy (sugars, white bread etc) are what you need to be eating more of. Consult Google for a full list of complex carbs, but generally they can be found in brown/wholemeal breads, brown rice, fruits, oats and nuts, vegetables etc. Non/Less processed crap is a good start.

2. Frequent eating

Remember, we want to tell our bodies that it doesn’t need to hold on to energy. We don’t want to give it an excess amount, or it won’t be able to burn it off and instead it will be forced to store it. But we want to give our bodies a continual moderate supply of energy so it can get into the habit of burning energy rather than storing it. This is what people call increasing your metabolism. Frequent eating in conjunction with physical activity will promote a healthy energy intake and burning cycle, allowing your body to shed useless weight.

3. No carbs late

Your body burns energy when it does stuff. So if you do less stuff, your body will be burning less energy. Generally, you do less stuff at night, so your body doesn’t need the high energy input of carbohydrates. It ain’t gon burn it – so it gon’ store it! This why virtually every highly esteemed diet will discourage you from eating carbs after evening time. Yes, I’ll enjoy some burgerfuel! But for lunch. If it’s after 5, it’s a wrap. That’s my personal general rule.

If it’s after 5, it’s a wrap.

These three things combined with exercise will make a big difference to how you feel very early on. For me, I could feel the effects of (3) almost after a couple of nights. There are many other things that are complementary to good health as well, such as dietary fibre and protein intake. Those are well worth researching too.

Basically, our diets and our lifestyles need to match.

Many of us live low-energy-consumptive lifestyles with high-energy diets. Our bodies say well, what the heck am I gonna do with this? and just stores it as fat. Some people think the solution is to just drastically eat less, but this causes our bodies to say crap, I need to store what I get, cos I’m not sure if I’ll get more later. Both of these mistakes cause our bodies to store. But we needa burn. BURN!

In short, eat more good things, eat them more often, and become more active. Don’t starve!




One response

14 09 2011
Robert Cox

I have to agree with (3) although my time is 7 o clock cause I don’t eat dinner till late

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