16 09 2011

That’s right. Today, I freakin ripped.

My shorts.

Clearly during the careful crafting of my utterly exquisite synthetic fibre gym shorts, the fact that I’d be squatting was not factored into the process.

How ignorant of them

Yes, unfortunately today’s routine was part way interrupted by the failure of my garments. It was then cut short by the realization that I didn’t have my wallet on me, and the panic that inevitably ensued (turns out I had just left it at home).

Today, I didn’t win.

On the upside, my friend James joined me today. It’s finally good to have someone to work out with. It makes a myriad of difference!

Here’s my work out for today:

SIT UPS: 15 reps, 3 sets.

SQUATS: 50kg, 10 reps || 110kg 10 reps, 3 sets

CLOSE GRIP BENCH PRESS: 40kg, 10 reps || 50kg, 10 reps || 60kg, 10 reps || 65kg, 10 reps

BARBELL SHRUGS: 60kg, 10 reps || 100kg,  10 reps || 140kg, 6 reps || 120kg, 6 reps, 2 sets.

LATERAL PULLDOWNS: 50lb, 10 reps || 85lb, 10 reps || 135lb, 10 reps, 2 sets.

Couple of things:

– Close Grip Bench Press, for those who don’t know, focus predominantly on the triceps. They are a bit awkward on the wrists, so the first time you try it, start with something light (perhaps just the bar) to familiarize yourself with the movement

-I came down from 140kg to 120kg on the barbell shrugs because I noticed that I was unable to execute a full range of movement with the 140kg load

Today I started with poached eggs with two pieces of toast for breakfast. For my mid morning meal I had a bowl of cereal, then for lunch I had a Kebab on rice (carbs for the afternoon!). I forgot to make a protein shake in the morning and I also forgot to take some scoops to work, which isn’t really good.  I picked up a protein RTD from City Star in britomart, on the way to work to compensate. I need to be more diligent with preparing the protein shakes, as they are an essential supplement to my diet.

I took some chopped vegetables and a can of tuna to work today, so I will have that for my late afternoon meal.

Today = OK, could have been better.





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