19 09 2011

So I’ve started going to a friend’s house on Monday Nights to lift some weights. I’m partly using these sessions to focus on setting new PBs for squats and bench press.

And tonight I set a new squatting PB!

Here’s what I did

60kg: 6 reps

110kg: 3 reps

130kg: 1 rep

140kg: 1 rep

150kg: 1 rep

155kg: 1 rep

160kg: 1 rep

162.5kg: two attempts, failure on both.

I beat by previous best of 150kg, so I was feeling pretty amped! A bit gutted that I dropped 162.5kg, especially because the second time I was real close. But happy nonetheless.

So a couple important things to consider when you’re trying to beat a PB (Cheers to Shaun for the tips):

– Don’t over-warm up. Remember that every lift you do depletes energy. Energy is what is converted into the power that is used to push up those heavy weights. Do a couple reps of some lower weights, then stick to doing 1 rep when they get a bit heavier

– Allow a couple minutes for recovery after each lift. Make sure you take deep breaths to bring your heartrate back down before each new lift.

– When you get closer to what you know is your max, take smaller steps. Go from 10kg increments to 5kg, then even lower. Part of the reason is that it will help you discover more accurately your max lift. The other thing is, even small increments feel significant when you get closer to your max.

– Maintain a positive attitude, and get aggressive. It sounds cliche, but it’s important to understand how much influence our minds have over our bodies. Some even go as far as to say that most of our apparent physical limitations are actually mental barriers. I believe this to an extent. Tell yourself that you can do it, psych yourself up. Yell at yourself. Activate that adrenaline!

– Don’t kick yourself too hard if you fail. It sucks, yes, but get over it, it happens. Train hard, and beat it next time.

Go hard, and happy lifting




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