WORKOUT #7 (You’re still walking)

21 09 2011

You’re still walking

..said someone to me at the gym today, as they smiled and walked past my sorry, fatigued and limping self.

This, for some reason, stuck with me. Now I’m not going to encourage anyone to work out to the point at which they can’t walk anymore – that would be rather silly. But what I got from this was the idea that  it’s our minds which often limit us, rather than our bodies. This morning I felt particularly demolished, especially after squats. My mind was telling me – you’re tired, this is lame, you’re over it, just leave and go home – but I was still walking.  It was then that I found the strength to nail one more workout before I went home.

This is what I did:

SIT UPS: 20 reps, 3 sets.

SQUATS: 60kg, 6 reps || 115kg 10 reps, 3 sets

BARBELL BICEP CURLS: 40kg, 6 reps, 4 sets

BARBELL MILITARY PRESS: 45kg, 6 rep, 3 sets

DUMBBELL SHOULDER FLIES: 10kg, 10 reps, 4 sets


– Squats were more difficult today. Last night I went to the driving range, and it’s surprising how much energy is expended doing 50 full power swings lol. I hadn’t replaced any of that with carb energy, so maybe that was why I wasn’t quite at 100% this morning.

– Bicep curls were stronger than last time. I managed to do more sets and complete them

– Military press was solid. Next time I’ll be looking to up the weight

– Dumbbell shoulder flies felt better than I expected them to. I previously avoided them because it always felt like I was never doing it properly. This morning however, I really felt the burn in my shoulders, which is a good thing.

– So clearly I wasn’t feeling the cardio all that much today. I was shattered from the weights session, and rowing is one of those exercises I really need to be in the mood for, which I definitely wasn’t.

Dietwise, I was a bit average today. I skipped midmorning because work was quite busy, and I forgot to take the protein powder I made a point of taking to work this time. Breakfast was good though – scrambled eggs, a slab of salmon steak and wholegrain toast. Lunch was a tuna sandwich with light coleslaw and fruit, Late afternoon was porridge, and dinner was chicken, shredded beef and vegetables in blackbean sauce and egg foo yong.

Not too bad today, could have been better.





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