WORKOUT #9 (Early Start)

27 09 2011

5:45 wake up. Needed to get to work by 9am (as opposed to 10am), so I only had until 7 at the gym.

Here’s what I did:

SIT UPS: 25 reps, 3 sets.

SQUATS: 60kg, 6 reps || 120kg 10 reps, 3 sets

STANDING BARBELL MILITARY PRESS: 20kg, 8 reps || 30kg, 8 reps || 40kg, 8 reps || 40kg 8 reps, 35kg 6 reps, 30kg 5 reps (dropset)

CROSS TRAINER: Random Hill, Resistance 17/20, 10 min

So that’s all I did. For some reason my sit up + squat pre workout took longer than I expected, and I needed to jet.

I know for a fact that the bump up to 120kg from 115kg squats took a bit more out of me, so my rests were bigger. But yeah. Stink


Protein Shake (with water) + One piece of Toast + Curried chicken + orange

Mid Morning

Bowl of toasted muesli


Toasted Tuna sandwich (wholemeal bread!! with a little bit of cheese) + apple


Protein Shake (with milk) + orange + banana + yoghurt


No-Carb chicken Kebab

WIN! 5 meals today, no carbs late. What let me down was a red bull during the day (refined sugar, naughty) and a bit of Juice before bed. See, I’m a sucker for Juice, and in our fridge, we have a 3L bottle of Fresh Up Feijoa blast. How I can be expected to resist this, I do not know lol.

I thought of a good idea today – whenever I feel like a “drink”, have a glass of water beforehand and then reassess if I still feel like that drink. For me, 9/10, the water quenches my thirst sufficiently and I no longer crave the sugary beverage. Plus, I’ve had a glass of water! If you, like me, struggle with sugary drinks, try this nifty trick.





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