28 09 2011

I don’t know what was up today. I got a decent sleep, but in the morning I still felt groggy and not up to it. Still, I pushed through.

Here’s what I did:

SIT UPS: 25 reps, 3 sets.

SQUATS: 60kg, 6 reps || 120kg 10 reps, 3 sets

TRICEP DUMBBELL EXTENSIONS12.5kg, 6 reps (cross body) followed by 6 reps (hammer head), each arm, then with 10kg then with 8kg (Dropset), two in total.

PEC FLY MACHINE SUPERSET WITH PRESSUPS: 90lbs, 8 reps followed by 8 pressups, 3 sets

CROSS TRAINER: Random Hill, Resistence 17/20, 5 min

Oh MY LIFE that superset was difficult. I felt my pecs burn like NOTHING ELSE. I might begin to do more supersetty type things to add some more fatigue to my routines and get my heartrate up a bit more. It will be challenging, but fun at the same time.


Protein Shake (with water) + One piece of Toast + Curried chicken

Mid Morning

Bowl of toasted muesli


Toasted Tuna sandwich (wholemeal bread!! no cheese this time, hummus instead) + apple


Protein Shake (with milk) + orange + banana + yoghurt


Bhuja Mix (20g)

Lol at dinner. I had band practice so I didn’t get around to eating anything useful. Furthermore I had to spend $3.00 at the corner store for them to let me get the cash out I needed for the practice room. What better way to spend money than to get Bhuja mix! 9.7g carb-filled grams of Indian spicy goodness.





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