Hey reader, thanks for visiting my rather ordinary blog!

First, let me introduce myself. It may or may not explain a few things.


My name is Hugh, a British born 22 year old male of Nigerian decent, currently living in the great north island of New Zealand!

I’m a graduate of the University of Auckland (BE(hons)).

and I do vocals for a band called East of Eden

I believe in, and follow Jesus Christ, and I pretend to know lots about politics when in fact I know very little.

I possess an annoying inclination to be unnecessarily verbose. Especially when people (girls) are around.

I like to discuss (argue) things. But only when I’m right. Yeah.


I want to look and feel better. And when I say better, I mean pretty much like Mike Chang.

…aaaand provide some sorta encouragement for others along the way. Hey, I’m by no means any fitness expert.  But I’m learning. And I understand that it can at times be discouraging to read about fitness legends whose levels of performance seem to be unattainable.

So this blog is for us struggling, mere mortals, trying to climb the ladder of physical excellence. Let’s do this together. I need your help, and maybe…just maybe, I can help you with a few things.

I will most probably be doing many things wrong. So if whether or not you are a fitness guru, I’d appreciate your input!



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