Why I don’t deadlift.

11 09 2011

I have nothing against it.

It just hurts my damn back

Maybe this is a form problem, but I’ve had people tell me that my form is correct. So I dunno.

Anyway, since I work out in the mornings, it just makes the rest of my day orders of magnitude more unpleasant than a normal work out would.

It’s sore.

And that folks, is why I don’t deadlift.



Weak Triceps..

10 09 2011

You’ll probably notice that I’m going overkill on the tricep work outs. Basically I’ve been struggling a lot with my bench press. The first phase off my chest I’m sweet, but the completion to arm lock is a struggle. I had it pointed out to me by a couple friends that this was because my triceps are lacking in strength.

They spoke truth.

I tried a tricep workout and it became clear to me that my triceps were weak as hell. Like little, underdeveloped, diseased stricken girls.

So I’m putting my benching on hold until I can sort out this problem! I’m strong off the chest up to about 135kg. But from 125kg, I lock out about 2/3 of the way up. Hopefully after I give my triceps some love, I’ll be able to break past my benching wall.


Is this the same for you?